Want to be healthy and have a perfect body? BURN FITNESS is the right decision for you! It will create your personal training program and balance your diet so you could get the shape of your dream shortly!

Getting fit doesn’t work if you only focus on fitness. And going it alone should never be a sign of strength. Our coaches support you in a way no one else can with the best fitness and holistic help inside the gym – and out.


Community — Build confidence. Challenge yourself. Express happiness. Be safe. Feel supported.

Empowerment — Inspire others to create a sense of strength. Improve everyone’s quality of life.

Respect — Unbiased respect for the rights, values and beliefs of everyone. Recognize and reflect our changing and adapting community. Create inclusive spaces for current and future members. Honor all bodies.

Fun — Exercise for the fun of it. Laugh with your neighbors. Keep our movement time effective and rewarding, but keep it light too.

Cleanliness — Leave it better than you found it.